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Assalamualaikum guys. 
Hijrah? Yes, hijrah!
In simple words, its mean, MOVE ON.
Who knows, Kisas will be some kind of my starting point of being hijrah-ing. Oh's not because of Kisas mainly actually..but its because of Allah's plan. Well, maybe, it can be the hikmah of doing istikharah too. Alhamdulillah, Allah had shown the best place for me.
But, I'm not saying that Imtiaz Kemaman is not good enough for me, but maybe the best place for me at this time being is Kisas. Yaah..I'm so grateful of given the chance to study in Imtiaz Kemaman before..although it's only 3 years and 2 month..not 5 years like other Imtiazians!  Huhu..
I'm really really grateful of given chance to study there because in I-Kem, I've got to experience the hardship to remember Al-Qur'an, how I must put a lot of effort to remember it, beat my lazyness and sleepiness in musolla, close bond with ustazah tasmi' and teachers, heavenly dorm with eight sporting dorm-mates, and the main point is, I've got the chance to experience ukhuwah! And this point surely I dedicate to my own batch, Triggerzeit!

I always miss the memories with my friends. I felt the ukhuwah was really strong 'cos we are only 55 members. How little it is! 32 banat and 23 banin..such a unique number, right? Well, I don't know whether Triggerzeit still remember me and the other members who have move away. Looks like we have been disposed of their memories. 
Hmm..well, it only remains 39 members now. It's became even lesser than before! Your bond must be even stronger, right? I miss the memories of Triggerzeit so much. Sometimes I will cry as looking at our past photos...Kem PT3, Kem BAK, Triggerzeit Grand Dinner, Sambutan Raya, and so on. It was uncountable! Pleasee, don't forget us here, and please, do invite us for batch occasions or event! How could you guys forget us and did not invite us for the trip to Perak recently? Oh my goodness! Well, maybe it was the first and last mistake you guys do to us, the 'ex-members'.
This post is not about Triggerzeit actually, but it's about my starting point of hijrah in Kisas. Well, the early time of being in Kisas was just normal...being happy with new friends. But it change 360 degree after I met a senior! She might looks ordinary if you don't know her, but she has something that's not everybody have. It's AKHLAK. You will 'see' this when you make friend with her. 
Sure, her akhlak is very very good that when you are looking at her, looking her making  good things, you feel of want to do good things will feel calm even by looking at her face. Yeah..she's a very good person..enviously, she makes everyone around her feel comfort of her, whether it comes to her friends or her juniors. I can't story more about her here, because I'm afraid soon it'll be revealed who this person is. I'm always stalking her, yeah because I want to follow her akhlak. But I didn't tell her even once that she is my idol..hahaha.
Well, doesn't it make sense? I never experienced before of how someone in my life could be my reason of starting point of hijrah. Again, actually it's because Allah's plan and His hidayah..absolutely. But it was shown to me by someone who I didn't ever get to know before. 
Hijrah is a sacrifice, and it is our choice, whether we want to take the way or not.
People say, hijrah is hard. But I say, sure, hijrah is hard, but, to istiqamah in hijrah is even harder! 
Ya Allah, gives me strength to stay istiqamah in this way of hijrah! 
Good luck Wanna! :')

Till we meet again on my next holiday :)
Syukran lakum.

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